Life is more enjoying with PEDİKO.

We were established to make life easier.

We have been on the market for the last 18 years.

We started with distrubuting textbooks and educational book, continued with producing toys and now we are installing pre-schools, museums and libraries. We are growing together with our clients by creating enthusiastic habitats.

We have a constant dream of improvement in what we do and every time we realise it.

We installed the first plane-library on the world.

Untill 2015 we have had installed 4 museums, 50 libraries and nearly 1000 pre-schools.

We continue to produce toys with our expert personel and academic consultants.

Also we continue to install thematic pre-schools by forcing our limits.

We redesing and recreate the libraries with a totally different conceptualization.

We design museums in different catagories with different themes.

We design totally new spaces by installing our own production hardwares.

We are so proud of what we have produced till now. We imagined, designed and produced innumerous items.

We are so happy and honored to introduce our new products.

All our products are  produced with the best wishes and love…

With Pediko, it’s very easy to realize your dreams.

Best Wishes from Pediko