The Place of Kindergarten Design in Preschool Education

Pre-school education; it is an education suitable for the individual development characteristics of children of 0-72 months, supporting the children physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, and preparing for primary school. Preschool education has social goals. These; to look after the children of busy people, to support the individual development of children, and to facilitate the communication of children among themselves or with adults. Educating the child’s sensory system in pre-school education and increasing its sensitivity to the environment are educational goals. Strengthening the developmental aspect of the child is one of the developmental goals of preschool education. Activities in preschool education;

– Painting / painting studies, physical activities, studies using paper scissors, playing with toys (activities required for motor development).

– Drama / animation / imitation games, reading and self-expression activities (activities that support language development).

– Counting, learning colors, learning similar-different concepts, learning things (activities for cognitive development).

Activities organized by creating game groups, studies on cooperation and sharing (activities supporting social development).

Since this education is an education period of the first years of life, it has a positive effect on children’s learning abilities. For this reason, it is important to design the kindergarten while opening the educational space according to the above-mentioned objectives.

Why Kindergarten Design Matters?

Kindergarten design is the most important issue for entrepreneurs who plan to open a kindergarten. A good kindergarten design can both make the place more beautiful and attract customers, and make children love school more.

The development of the child does not only depend on its biological characteristics or the people in its environment. The child also needs a well-designed physical space to be able to do some of the activities listed above. For example; The child, who will run and play in the playground, will test the sturdiness of the slide, even though he is young; and this will affect whether he gets on the slide again. Or the child who will operate at the table in the interior will see if the table and chair are ergonomic; according to him, he will decide to complete his activity.

The interests and abilities of the child are revealed by taking into account the processes of participation in school activities, sports, science and art activities. Versatile activities such as music, dance, song, play, and picture enable children to discover their talents at school.

If we look at the activities in sports, activities such as running, jumping, sliding, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching increase the positive self-confidence of the child’s own body image and abilities. The child meets the need for emotional relaxation by acting independently and free during play. The presence of hills, hard and soft surfaces, sand and soil areas, climbing and jumping areas at different heights constitutes the component of a game-learning environment that supports children’s physical development. Slides, swings, tunnels, ramps, logs, climbing vehicles, wheeled cars are also components that support the physical development of children.

Children begin to learn concepts such as shape, color, size, weight, volume, measurement, weighing, counting, time, place, distance in preschool ages. If we look at it from a scientific perspective, the child learns the properties and functions of its use by recognizing the object with many perceived concepts. At the same time, the child learns the behaviors such as being able to classify, sort, analyze and synthesize the problem given to him. Painting and exhibition areas, sitting spaces, play houses, music workshops, child-sized repair / kitchen / cleaning corners, activity walls, amphitheater are the structures of a game-learning environment that supports their cognitive development. Roads, seating areas, sitting groups in grass areas, working areas, various building materials are components of a game-learning environment that supports their social development.

Pediko Kindergarten Design

Pediko was founded in Ankara in 1998 and is Turkey’s leading company in kindergarten and nursery design. The firm provides the necessary materials for kindergarten design. Some of these materials mentioned above such as painting rooms, living rooms, play houses, music workshops, child-sized repair / kitchen / cleaning corners,activity walls, amphitheatre, seating areas, lawn areas, seating groups, fields of study, various building materials, slides, swings, tunnels, ramps, logs, climbing tools, cars steering wheel are components of the learning environment.

Pediko designs the equipment accordingly knowing that the child needs to be mentally and physically sufficient in preschool period and to be present in an environment where he can interact and support his development. Pediko is with you in all the hardware installation stages of a kindergarten. The company performs the processes of scaling, 3D drawing, making the mold of the design by sending it to the workshop and producing it using the highest level machines. Pediko acts in collaboration with kindergarten founder, architects, designers, educators in kindergarten design level. The company, which makes kindergarten design at a level above world class, also designs libraries and museums.  At first, the company started to work with the production of educational toys and then grew into the kindergarten-museum-library design business. Pediko, the industry leader in kindergarten design, produces materials from natural wood. None of the ingredients are harmful to children’s health. Pediko designs are aesthetic and practical.

Pediko Kindergarten Equipment

When it comes to kindergarten equipment, many materials can come to mind from kindergarten furniture to kindergarten flooring system. Here, only the equipment of the Pediko kindergarten where the activities are held are included. Kids Beauty Corners, Kids Repair Corners, Kids Kitchen Corners, Kids Bathroom Corners, Dummy and Block Corners, Kids Health Toys, Children Musical Instruments, Play Rugs and Cushions, Chess Corners, Educational Toys, Children Music Workshops, Children Design Workshops, Life Skills Workshops, Robotic Workshops, and much more are the kindergarten equipment provided by Pediko.

Pediko Kindergarten Furniture

Pediko designs furniture in various sizes according to the institution to be designed. Pediko kindergarten furniture; sitting groups and office furniture in meeting rooms; beds, pouffe, closets, bedside tables in sleeping rooms; tables, chairs, armchairs, pouffes, shelves and cabinets in play rooms; table and chair groups in the dining hall, tables and cabinets in the kitchen; bathroom cabinets and shelves; mirrors, panels and decorations on the wall; wardrobes, sofa groups, footwear in the entrance-exit area; heating guards in all rooms; thematic playgrounds and corners in the rooms.

Pediko Toy

The importance of toys is very important in kindergarten design. It is the period when the child examines the objects, materials and colors around them, and the mediators of these choices are games and toys. During the development stages, all play materials that help the child’s mental, physical and psycho-social development and develop their imagination and creative abilities can be defined as toys. The most important criteria that determine the characteristics of the toys are the material, color, shape, size and usage areas. During the physical and mental development, as the likes and preferences of the children become evident, their opinions and understandings about color and shape and design are beginning to emerge.

Kindergarten toys are educational wooden toys that will never go out of fashion, blocks, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, thematic toys, and removable sets. These are also divided into several categories. The toys were prepared with the idea of ​​academicians with a professional team and no substance that harms the child is used in its production. All of the products we manufacture have CE certificates. You can reach our educational toy page here.

As we can see, kindergarten design is an important factor in the choice of kindergarten. The development of children who devote time to play and sleep and entertainment can be ahead of others. If you are in the business of having a brand new kindergarten design or designing a kindergarten from scratch, you can contact us here. Click here to access our Pediko page with kindergarten designs. Pediko designs an innovative and modern kindergarten that will add a certain level of improvement.