Kindergarten Furniture

The most important criteria to be considered when choosing a kindergarten is the teacher. The kindergarten teacher should be able to observe and develop children, to treat them with compassion and to meet their needs like a parent. The teacher is forced to share his/her interest in children. Therefore, the instructor needs technological, educational materials that keep pace with the era.

Instead of a single educational model, the kindergarten model with different cultural characteristics helps the teacher to provide adequate education and attention to each child. Because the teacher pays attention to different cultural characteristics when preparing the program. Since the education program is designed to respond to children’s individual differences, each child is allowed to touch the object, taste something to eat, see it, and hear it by describing its characteristics. Because the aim of preschool education is not to teach knowledge (numbers, colors, letters), but to provide students with the necessary skills to learn knowledge. Forcing the child, preventing him from living his/her childhood, may cause him to have problems in his education life in the future. Therefore, measurement and evaluation should be done individually and diversity should be included in kindergarten tools. The school may also need professional support in the preparation of the program. Pediko is a company that assists in the supply of kindergarten furniture and in the training of educational staff during the kindergarten setup phase.

Suitable Equipment for Children

The more appropriate the physical conditions of the school (classroom and landscaping), the happier the children and parents will be. Happy parent means happy customer. Providing kindergarten furniture in the classroom from a qualified company will always please the operators. Pediko, which designs and manufactures kindergarten furniture from scratch, has been producing educational materials for children for over 20 years. The kindergarten materials that the firm has designed and produced are;

kindergarten table (children’s table, dining table, kindergarten desk, kindergarten meeting table etc.)

kindergarten chair (wooden, plastic chair, principal office chair, attendant chair)

kindergarten cabinet (cloakroom, book cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet etc.)

kindergarten bed (bedstead, bed etc.)

kindergarten shoe cabinet (thematic shoe cabinet )

kindergarten library (thematic library etc.)

kindergarten wall board and ornaments (Board, hand eye coordination, mirror etc.)

kindergarten flooring, lighting and protection systems (carpet, heating protection etc.)

play areas (specially built play areas such as Ball Pool, swing, slide)

garden furniture (seating groups etc.)

kindergarten toys (wooden toys, building sets, jigsaw puzzles, puppets etc.)

kindergarten sports equipment (walking bar, climbing bar, puff, mattresses and yoga pads etc.)

kindergarten interest and drama corners (repair corner, beauty corner, drama scene, Music Workshop etc.)

Pediko, which designs the above mentioned materials and many more materials from scratch, performs them in consultation with its customers.

How Does Pediko Make Kindergarten Furniture?

Painting, activities supporting physical development, projects using paper scissors; activities in the field of drama and animation, reading and self-expression activities; activities such as counting numbers, learning colors, learning similar-different concepts are activities done in a kindergarten. The ability of these activities depends on the design of a good kindergarten. Pediko knows that it is necessary to be present in an environment that will help the child to reach a sufficient level mentally and physically in preschool period and supports his development and designs kindergarten furniture accordingly.

The company was founded in Ankara in 1998 and first entered kindergarten toys production business and then the kindergarten furniture production business. The company, which designs educational toys in a unique way, has also made playgrounds fun and colorful and has implemented unique kindergarten practices in this area in Turkey. The company has a separate place in kindergarten furniture sector by signing giant projects such as World Children’s University. Pediko, which can also design and install departments such as children’s library, baby library, drama-art workshop, science workshop, established the world’s first Aircraft Library.

Pediko makes innovative, modern and kindergarten furniture that will record a certain progress. Kindergarten furniture is designed with special dimensioning and 3D modelling and produced from natural wood in Pediko’s own workshop. Prepared furniture is assembled after additional procedures such as paint and lacquer and delivered to the preschool institution.

Please check the e-catalog for Pediko kindergarten furniture or you can contact us directly on our contact page.