Opening Kindergarten and Nursery

Opening Kindergarten and Nursery

Opening kindergartens or nurseries is one of the leading initiatives of the education sector among the income generating sectors. Opening a kindergarten or nursery can be a medium or large business. The nursery or kindergarten to be established must support the physical and psychological development of the children. Because the place where the children will receive their first education is the preschool education institutions they go to outside their families. The nursery is for children between 0-3 years and kindergarten for 3-6 years. Kindergarten and nursery opening stages have common features as well as different features. We first look at the common features. Below are the common stages of kindergarten and nursery opening;

Common Stages of Opening Kindergarten or Nursery

Some of the kindergarten or nursery opening stages are common. For example, there are some features that the Ministry of National Education wants before the institution opens. The government may support entrepreneurs to meet these requirements if necessary. If we list the conditions for opening a kindergarten or nursery;

– The building must be at least wide enough to comply with a specific area regulation (kindergarten or nursery regulation).

– The building is checked for fire and earthquake regulations, so buildings must meet these requirements.

– If the building is more than 3 floors, lift condition is required.

– It is necessary to ensure that the rooms of the building are of suitable structure in order to provide the necessary qualities.

– The rooms in the building should also include playgrounds, toilets, classrooms and staff room.

– 1.5 square meters of available space per child is required.

– Every 30 children are required to drop 1 toilet seat.

– Qualification documents (graduation, etc.) of the personnel to be employed are required.

In addition to these common conditions, documents such as workplace license and agreement with school services are also common for opening kindergartens or nurseries.

Different Stages of Opening Kindergarten or Nursery

To open kindergarten or nursery? First, you need to decide which one to open and in which way to do it. Because the materials to be used in the interior design of the nursery and kindergarten may be different. These materials will have different properties as they appeal to different age groups. You can find the companies that provide interior design services for interior and exterior design (playground in the garden etc.). You can check whether these companies have qualification certificates for space arrangement. It is very important to find a company that makes original designs. Established in Ankara, Pediko stands out with its unique designs according to the place and the customer.


Entrepreneurs wishing to open a kindergarten may be exposed to information pollution when researching where to start. First of all, you need to find a company that can do the kindergarten design, project, production and installation. Pediko has been serving with the experience it has had since 1995 in the stages required to establish kindergartens and nurseries. The company  which opens preschools in Turkey is one of the leading institutions and has production qualification documents. Pediko who will be there to open the necessary processes in kindergarten and nursery, is an experienced company operating in Ankara and Turkey. Pediko takes the necessary actions to open a kindergarten or nursery without compromising your project from start to finish. In doing all this, it pays attention to the features the customer wants and creates the space and furniture design according to him/her.

In kindergarten project, production, training program, consulting, consulting on Institution documents in search of consultants (documents required by related Ministries), dimensioning, design, 3-D drawing, manufacturing and on-site assembly phases are passed. Kindergarten furniture is made of natural wood. Pediko provides all kinds of services from lighting to providing upholstery suitable for sitting and cleaning. You can contact us or using our contact information for the design and installation of your existing kindergarten from scratch. Click here to see our sample kindergarten and nursery projects.