School Designs

Space Design In Pre-School Institutions

Parents who make decisions within the framework of the facilities offered by the kindergarten act in accordance with the needs of their children. Finding a company that is in the business of designing kindergartens and nurseries, is in the business of both the owners or operators of the space and the children who will form our tomorrows. A preschool class, designed to suit the developmental characteristics of the age group, helps children to recognize themselves in various aspects and improve their abilities.

Creating an environment for the child to play for his physical, emotional, mental and social development is at the forefront of kindergarten and nursery design. At least 15 m2 /number of students per student interior, garden and exterior space arrangements in the open and closed institutions are made during non-educational times. In making this arrangement, choices such as “classes and workshops based on pre-school education, trees and play tools for the garden, as well as adequate areas for children to study science and nature” can be addressed.

Pediko Kindergarten and Nursery Furniture

Bookshelves, tables, chairs, lockers, sofas and seating groups etc. İt should be produced within the framework of certain standards, taking into account the health of children. So it is necessary to be careful and to supply the materials from a reliable company. Different designs made according to the age groups mentioned above are available within Pediko company. Pediko not only undertakes kindergarten furniture, but also the production of office furniture and commercial furniture needed by the preschool institution. In other words, the company that does the kindergarten-nursery turnkey job brings all of the various tools and equipment that the institution needs such as toys, furniture, playgrounds.


Providing them with a safe and beautiful environment while raising children is about the responsibility of the venue operators and the quality of the company that carries out the kindergarten design. Pediko makes quality kindergarten and nursery furniture from natural wood to effectively manage the process that is still on the way of being a child. Activities to develop educational materials for children’s innate desire to learn (kindergarten workshops and libraries, playgrounds etc.) Pediko has equipped various themes of children libraries for over 20 years in Turkey .Also  company has designed libraries for babies in various places of the country.

The company can make the desired design product from the desired material by making space exploration. After the discovery of the space, Pediko determines what the necessary kindergarten-nursery tools are and performs scaling, 3D modelling, manufacturing and assembly processes carefully. Click for various kindergartens and kindergarten designs. You can call us to review Pediko nursery materials.

Determine your space… Let Pediko create your dream school…